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Brow treatments including our TrueBrow Program.


TrueBrow is the brows you have (or wish to have) cared for in a way you've not yet experienced.

Don't give up on your brows just yet, we haven't!

You may be one of the thousands of women who believes her brows don't grow, only to be pleasantly surprised. Beauty professionals more often than not draw the WRONG conclusions about your hair growth and what is possible for your brows. This is simply due to a lack of knowledge and brow education. TrueBrow has changed all that! You can trust your TrueBrow Specialist because her education is the world's most comprehensive brow training the world has to offer. She lives to create brow masterpieces for women.

TrueBrow Design + -
Your natural brow is assessed by a TrueBrow Specialist, an expert on hair growth patterns and the science that is behind hair growth. You will be given an accurate assessment on whether or not your brows can be naturally restored. Following your assessment you will offered the opportunity to enter the TrueBrow Program which begins with your Starter Pack, offering you beautiful brows at great value.

90 minute - $90

TrueBrow Maintenance + -
This service is reserved for clients who are already enrolled in the TrueBrow program. This service can only be scheduled if you have received your Design at Radiance. Additionally, you MUST be within the recommended two-three week Maintenance period to schedule this appointment.

45 minute - $55


We offer brow waxing service - and click or call for other waxing needs.

Eyebrow Wax with Tint + -
We pay special attention to your eyebrows to ensure they are designed to properly frame your face. Your waxing service also includes a tint to give your brows the proper amount of color to balance out your facial structure.

20 minute - $50

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